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According to a survey by the  Census Bureau, an American may move 11.4 times (on average) during his or her lifetime and if you are in the military or radio it could even be more than that. This coming from a person who grew up as a military brat and then went into radio. This can be an inter-city, inter-county or inter-state relocation. There are also some people who choose to move outside the country.  So where are the best places to raise kids these days?

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, families will likely be looking for cities that provide the most safety and also have a low unemployment rate.

An annual study ranks over 180 U.S. cities according to 48 different metrics things like schools, cost of living, and crime.  And it even looks at stuff like how safe it is for kids to ride bikes.  Here are the ten best places to raise a family in 2021.

Overland Park, Kansas. It ranked first in affordability.
Fremont, California. Just outside San Francisco.
Irvine, California. About 30 miles southeast of L.A.
Plano, Texas.
Columbia, Maryland. (About halfway between Baltimore and D.C.) It is a very nice town.
South Burlington, Vermont. Almost to Canada
Scottsdale, Arizona.
Gilbert, Arizona.
Madison, Wisconsin

Now we take it to the flip side of the worst places to live.
Montgomery, AL
Miami, FL
San Bernardino, CA
Wilmington, DE
Birmingham, AL
Newark, NJ
Hialeah, FL
Memphis, TN
Cleveland, OH
Detroit, Mi

You can use this map, just click on a button it will tell you the name of the town.

Source: WalletHub

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