The last time I ate the wonderful food from the Haflinger Haus was on News Years, it was take out only at that point, my husband Scott had never had Weiner Schnitzel and he loved it!  I loved the stuffed shrimp with real crabmeat it was so good. Also get me around a bowl of their Goulash and I am one happy camper! the food was all delicious that we had ordered. Now with the huts there, we can go and eat at the Haflinger Haus.

If you've driven down Route 8 in Adams you've likely noticed the dining huts on the Haflinger Haus front porch. The folks at Haflinger Haus remind them of the Christmas Market Huts in Austria! They really look magical with the twinkle lights and lighting.

Since Haflinger Haus reverted to takeout, curbside and free local delivery before Thanksgiving in an abundance of caution, they have installed temporary, heated outdoor dining huts!

Inside the huts, guests will be able to enjoy a sit-down dinner, minimal contact, protected by the elements in your own private, outdoor dining room!

Most importantly, everyone at Haflinger Haus continues to be extra diligent about providing the safest environment for all our guests and staff. They have closely been following the Governor's Orders and strictly enforce all requirements including social distancing, mandatory face covering for all guests and staff, constant hand washing and use of hand sanitizer among others.

Guests enter the huts to a completely sterilized environment. When the guests leave, the table is cleared, the windows are opened to vent the air, the tables and chairs are sterilized and finally our hut is sprayed with a disinfectant fogging gun to provide a safe, clean environment.

Currently, the Haflinger Haus has three huts for parties of two and two huts that can comfortably accommodate four people. We ask guests to limit their time to 90 minutes and please call ahead to reserve a hut.

If you want to have dinner in one of the Haflinger Haus Christmas Market huts you are going to have to make a reservation.  They will be doing 2 seatings, one at 4:45 and the second at 6:30.