Kiss from a Rose became a big hit during the summer of ‘95 when it was attached to Batman Forever. However, that wasn’t the first movie that tried to capitalize on Kiss from A Rose’s enigmatic gravitas by putting the song on its soundtrack. One year earlier, the song made its debut on the soundtrack for The NeverEnding Story III.

Speaking of movies and music, not to make everyone feel old,  Natural Born Killers hit theaters back in 1994, 7th Heaven debuted on the WB 1996, Mariah Carey’s single Honey was released in 1997, Tubthumping by Chumbawumba was released in 1997, Creed’s debut album My Own Prison was also released 1997, everyone was getting into wrestling, WWF Smackdown premiered back 1999 Janet Jackson’s single Doesn’t Really Matter hit number one 2000

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The past always comes around again! Scroll down to see some vintage video games.

Lots of Field of Dreams stuff around, The game last week had the largest audience of any regular season MLB game since 2005 which is back when everyone actually had cable because it did so well with fans they are going to do it again in Iowa. The game sparked significant sales of copies of Field of Dreams on DVD and Blu-Ray, which is such a great movie. So you get your fill there is a Field of Dreams TV reboot got a series order at Peacock.

On a side note in a recent interview, Debra Winger just revealed she quit the lead role (ultimately played by Geena Davis) in A League of Their Own when Madonna was cast because she thought it hurt the integrity of the movie.

Hope this brings lots of great memories back to you! Scroll down to check out some vintage video games.

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