What's the deal with all the vandalism lately? Why do certain people feel it's okay to destroy the property of others? Even at the height of my teenage rebellion years, the thought of vandalizing a tombstone never once crossed my mind. It's just dishonorable and disrespectful.

This particular incident happened days ago, but I just had to share it here in the hopes that more people will notice and the vandal(or vandals) will get caught.

The Stafford Hill Monument(so called because it's located on Stafford Hill Road) was recently vandalized according to the Cheshire Police Department on Friday. The monument has been a part of the local scenery for quite some time. It was constructed back in the 1920s.

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Some critics would have you believe that vandalism is a victimless crime. I happen to disagree. And so do the police in Cheshire. They are looking for our help as they investigate this thoughtless desecration of property.

Cheshire Police are asking anyone who has information about the person(or persons) responsible to please contact them at the Cheshire Police Department, 413-743-1501.

There are other pictures showing the damage and vandalism on their Facebook page. However, they are asking that if you do know who's responsible that you do not post names to their post, but that you contact them privately. They appreciate it and thank you in advance. Hopefully, the vandals will be caught.

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