The night before Thanksgiving is typically a night that bars and restaurants are filled with college buddies exaggerating stories of their younger days.  On the other side of the bar the new younger breed of party-goers using the holiday as a reason to indulge way too much, thankful for a perceived reason to tie one on in honor of the holiday.  Although not needing a reason the weekend before that and the weekend before that.

Because of the pandemic the bars and restaurants will not be seeing the typical party people getting their drink on the night before they put the feedbag on.  But it doesn’t matter if the bars are not serving, there are many other ways to celebrate and many people willing to adapt for the need to cut loose and throw caution to the wind…with or without a mask.

Many in the country seem to be ignoring the calls by doctors and frontline workers to stay home, not travel, keep their circle small and help contain the spread.  Airports are reporting huge numbers moving from place to place.  Many unknowing carrying more than their luggage back home to see mom and dad, gram and grandpa, sisters and brothers, or old friends.  All in the name of Thanksgiving.

This year to party under the guise of Thanksgiving is selfish and dangerous.  We’ve all had to approach everything about our daily lives differently this year.  That should include our traditions and holidays as well.  No exceptions.  “I’m sick of this pandemic” is not reason to get loved-one’s sick during a pandemic.  Newton’s Third Law of Motion is “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”  We are in control of our actions.  The choices we make today could undoubtedly affect someone you know and love tomorrow.

I am proud to be a New Englander.  Proud to see the number of people wearing a mask without hesitation.  In the grocery store, in the office, on the city streets and even while mowing or raking their own yard or walking the dog.  For the most part we get it in the Northeast.  I feel a sense of pride here and a tremendous frustration with those in other parts of the country and in leadership positions that don’t seem to get it.  I’m sure I am not alone.  It is mindboggling to think about the mindset of some.  Unfortunately, that “some” are in huge numbers.  And like me, I am sure their cavalier approach to this deadly virus is a source of frustration for you as well.

I could keep blathering on but I will stop now.  I think I just wanted to say for the sake of the ones we love and for those we don’t, but are loved by others, we all need to make good choices this Thanksgiving.  Even with all the hardship this year we still have a great deal to be thankful for.

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