Apparently, one of our neighbors to the north is experiencing an alcohol shortage and it's related to the COVID pandemic. According to state regulators, Vermont is in the midst of a liquor deficit.

The Associated Press reports the shortage is related to the pandemic and it's leading to some empty shelves in stores across the state. Slowly but surely, bars and restaurants are starting to reopen, and owners and managers of numerous establishments are all trying to restock their inventory all at once. It will take some time to catch up.

This particular problem is taking place across the world but it just so happens that Vermont is feeling the squeeze right now as it slowly reopens following the pandemic. And there are several other factors gumming up the links in the supply chain.

Factors such as a glass shortage, not to mention worker shortages and shipping problems on top of numerous eateries and taverns reopening, are contributing to the shortage which will not be rectified anytime soon.

However, most bar and restaurant owners are making assurances that they'll get through it with a little patience on both their part and the customers. Hopefully, for the time being, if the establishment is out of your alcoholic drink of choice, they will have your second choice. Some of the hottest sellers currently are any kind of whiskey and tequila.

For more on the story, check out the Associated Press' website here.

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