Massachusetts is known for many qualities including being a great place to raise a family, having a top-quality system for college education, ranking well when it comes to being a fun state and the list goes on and on. Massachusetts is also known for its culture, natural beauty, and sense of community. It's no surprise that many folks flock to Massachusetts for a vacation getaway or to set up roots and become permanent residents.

Massachusetts Has a Wide Variety of Fast Food Chains to Choose From

Like many states, Massachusetts has its fair share of fine restaurants, clubs, and breweries. The Bay State also has a wide variety of fast food options for those days when you are running late or are in a pinch and you need to make a quick stop at a fast food joint either to grab breakfast, a coffee, or a burger for lunch or dinner.

What are the Most Common Fast Food Chains in Massachusetts? 

A fun study that I recently found online that was published by Stacker features the most common fast-food chains in Massachusetts. It turns out that McDonald's does not sit in the number one position. As a matter of fact, the golden arches restaurant isn't even number two if you can believe that. So where does McDonald's land on the list?

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Below are the Top Five Most Common Fast Food Chains in Massachusetts According to the Number of Locations in the Bay State in 2021.

Most Common Fast Food Chains in MA as Provided by Stacker

The original list that Stacker compiled included 18 fast-food chains and you can check out Stacker's complete list by going here. Is your favorite fast-food chain on this list? Happy munching.

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