We have heard over and over again that affordable housing can be difficult to come by in some southern Berkshire County towns. As featured in several talk show interviews with Construct Inc. and the Community Development Corporation of South Berkshire, there are long waiting lists. In addition, many folks can't afford to live in some south Berkshire County towns. I remember in one interview, it was mentioned that some folks have to drive from other counties (between 30 minutes and an hour) to come to work while others at times will sleep in their vehicles after work so the long trek doesn't have to be made. Even though some may not realize it, there is what is called 'hidden homelessness' in the southern Berkshires. Individuals and families living in temporary situations (couch surfing) isn't an unusual thing to hear.

A Bit of Good News for Folks Looking for a Home Closer to the Southern Berkshires

As noted in a press release that was emailed to us from Construct, the organization is now accepting applications for a three-bedroom, two-bath house on 2.9 acres in Becket for $250,000. Construct is administering the lottery, which is limited to first-time homebuyers at 80% or less of area median income. Applications are due by Apr. 1, 2022, and the lottery will be held on Apr. 5. The house is located at 2442 Main Street in Becket. You can get complete details by going here. If you are working in the southern Berkshires, this may get you a little closer to your place of employment.

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Let's Take a Look at Some Photos of This Becket House (Descriptions as Provided by Construct

2442 Main Street Becket, MA (1,344 Square Feet)

If you have any questions and for applications, you can email: applications@constructberkshire.org, or call (413) 528-1985.

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