Are you a fan of hockey and/or Coors Light? If the answer is yes to either or both, then this just may be one of the coolest things ever!

The story has already gathered up a heady buzz on social media, but if you haven't heard the news yet, here it is: Coors Light is using actual ice from the rink where the Tampa Bay Lightning won the Stanley Cup in Game 5 Wednesday to brew a limited-edition beer.

The name? It certainly befits the current owners of Lord Stanley's Cup. The limited-edition brew is called Champions Ice.

Tampa Bay Lightning fans will be able to celebrate the team's Stanley Cup win next week in participating Tampa Bay bars and restaurants with a limited supply of Champions Ice. There will also be a limited supply of 32-ounce collectible crowlers(which are essentially growlers in cans) as well.

Some folks are already mocking Champions Ice on social media making comments to the effect of "It doesn't taste like it was made from pure Rocky Mountain spring water" and "Blood, sweat, and spit included!". However, according to Coors, they will be filtering the ice during the brewing process, ensuring a refreshing, fully purified drinking experience.

In a statement, Coors says that Champions Ice beer "will be purified using reverse osmosis membrane ultra-filtration technology, a purification process that meets the high Coors Light standards."

Unfortunately for the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey fans that reside in New England(I actually know of quite a few of them), Champions Ice will be awfully hard to come by. It just might be worth the search, though.

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