Millions on the East Coast are preparing to be hit by what is being called “a hurricane of staggering size”. Current projections have Hurricane Florence sparking evacuations for parts of the Carolinas and Virginia, where the center of the Category 4 storm is expected to arrive on Thursday.

While Florence could punch the Carolinas harder than any hurricane since 1954, New England on the whole isn’t expected to see much of an impact from the storm.

According to, Bill Simpson, a spokesman for the National Weather Service in Boston says there is “no chance” of New England seeing severe impacts from the powerful hurricane.  I think we may have heard that before.

According to Simpson central Mass toward us here in the Berkshires could get some rain. The current upper air pattern indicates Florence will probably move west into New York and Pennsylvania as it weakens. You never know for sure what could happen once a major hurricane goes inland, so it’s a good idea to keep alert.

Simpson said the coverage and attention on Florence is a reminder for New Englanders of the importance of being vigilant during hurricane season and preparing for severe weather.

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