What is it exactly that we love about the holidays, Berkshire County? Is it the sights, the sounds, the smells, the nostalgia? Or is it a combination of all those wonderful things that truly make the holiday season?

Well, whatever the reason, or reasons, you'll be happy to know that a very beautiful, peaceful, comfy, cozy town here in western Massachusetts was recently named the 7th Most "Christmassy" Town in the United States! And, believe it or not, that town is RIGHT HERE IN BERKSHIRE COUNTY!!!

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Recently Mixbook, a #1 rated photo book brand, took a survey of 3,000 families asking them to choose the American towns that give off the best Christmas vibes. Mixbook then compiled a list of the top 75 "Christmassy" Towns.

And as I mentioned already, one of the towns in the top 10 is located in Berkshire County. Also, a number of towns are located in neighboring states, just a short drive away.

Here are the top 10 Most "Christmassy" Towns in America, according to Mixbook:

  1. Pigeon Forge - Tennessee
  2. Durango - Colorado
  3. Lake Placid - New York
  4. Stowe - Vermont
  5. Alexandria - Virginia
  6. Old Saybrook - Connecticut
  7. Stockbridge - Massachusetts
  8. Holland - Michigan
  9. Bethlehem - Pennsylvania
  10. North Pole - Alaska

How about that, Berkshire County? Stockbridge, Massachusetts ranked at #7!! Of course, the town will be forever linked to the holiday season thanks to artist Norman Rockwell's iconic painting, "Stockbridge Main Street at Christmas".

Stockbridge looks beautiful and quaint all year round but during the holidays, it picks up an extra special warmth and glow. Check out the rest of the most "Christmassy" town rankings by visiting Mixbook's website here.

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