Governor Charlie Baker delivered some good news concerning our current pandemic during a conference on Tuesday. Baker, citing the noteworthy drop in COVID-19 levels in wastewater on a daily basis, said that the Bay State is "very much on the backside" of the omicron-fueled surge in COVID-19 cases.

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Baker had this to say in the news conference concerning the data from recently collected wastewater readings:

Is it’s down probably somewhere between 65 and 75 percent of where it was at the peak a couple of weeks ago. Which is exactly the same trajectory that people saw with Omicron in UK, in South Africa, and in other parts of the US.

Governor Baker describes the trajectory of omicron surges as "straight up and then straight down". Baker says that while many aspects of the pandemic are very unpredictable, he is confident that wastewater data will continue to improve.

New Year's Day through the first couple of days into January was when COVID levels in the wastewater were at their peak, according to readings from the Deer Island Treatment Plant where the wastewater is tested three times a week.

Testing the wastewater detects the coronavirus from people who have COVID-19 symptoms and from people who don't have symptoms. According to the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority, COVID-19 levels dropped by as much as 40% last week in Boston and surrounding areas.

You can actually watch the news conference for more info at's website here.

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