Pump prices are climbing in Massachusetts and we can thank bad weather in the south for the steady rise.

Soon, the transition to summer gasoline could mean Massachusetts residents paying $3 per gallon. However, AAA says they do project plenty of people will be traveling this year.

According to a story reported on by WWLP/22 News Springfield, people wanting to get out of the house may be more willing to adjust their traveling budget around gas prices.

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Sandra Marsian of AAA Pioneer Valley had this to say:

Even though we are going to see an increase in gas prices, we could see more people going on road trips because they really deterred their travel over the past year. Gas prices have never really significantly impacted people’s desire to take a road trip.

Gas prices in western Massachusetts have recently increased by 7.9 cents. According to Gas Buddy, the lowest price for a gallon of gas in Chicopee is just under $2.40.

Compared to a year ago the national average is up by 15 cents per gallon.

And remember, if you're an efficient driver, you'll use less gas. Good driving habits contribute to better fuel economy which saves money.

Here are some tips on using less gas:

1. Having routine maintenance performed on your vehicle

2. Keep your tires inflated to the correct pressure(I just found out about this one, myself. Trust me, it makes a BIG difference)

3. Drive at moderate speeds(driving faster on a consistent basis means more fuel loss)

4. Travel light and combine short trips

5. Keep your car aerodynamic

Please check out the initial story for more information at WWLP/22 News' website here.

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