After so many years here in the Berkshires, we know they will work on some of the roads around Pittsfield in the spring.  But what about these mega potholes going on right now?

You know there has got to be all sorts of damage to your vehicle.  I know one winter I had a strut break after accidentally going through one of that wonderful potholes.

It's not a good sign when you are driving along, you hit the pothole, and the state police car veers halfway into the other lane so he doesn't hit the pothole.  I did notice that the city put some safety cones into some of the deeper potholes.

Yes, I know it's winter, but isn't there something they can pack those potholes with? Sand, dirt, something? Part of the problem, of course, is the weather, but also large plows can catch parts of the road that is already damaged.

So what do they treat our roads with? Main roads are treated with salt, and residential streets are treated with salt or sand/salt mix. A few years ago it was brought up that some towns and cities were using pickle juice which they said did a good job and not as coarse on the roads as straight salt.

Want to know when the plows do your streets or need salt for your driveway? You can get the sand for free.
Here is the Pittsfield website with information on where to get Info sand and plowing.

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