Our market president, Peter Barry, has a certain love for all things nostalgic. He's been known to collect old pinball machines that need restoration, and most recently acquired an old Pepsi soda machine from the 1970s. (See below).

On the side of the machine is a large sticker displaying an advert for "Squeeze" soda. Now, not being from here, I was unaware of this once popular sugary drink.

The company was founded in Adams, MA in 1920, and became associated with a company in New Orleans in the 1930's before it was sold in 1999, according to berkshireeagle.com.

At one point, Squeeze offered 37 varieties of flavors including birch beer, ginger, watermelon, lemon-lime, orange, and many more.

Eventually the brand became popular nationally. Another fun fact: The logo derived from a Norman Rockwell painting.

As shown above, Squeeze was once delivered in wooden boxes.