Starting tomorrow Burger King will launch their meatless Impossible Whopper nationwide.  Over 7,000 Burger Kings will offer vegetarians, vegans, and those looking to cut down on their red meat intake a new choice on the fast food chains menu.

St. Louis was used as the test market before the additional of San Francisco, Las Vegas and Miami.  The test markets saw a positive response leading to the company-wide roll out this week.

Impossible Foods is the company supplying the new burger alternative to Burger King.  They adapted their burger to fit the standard Whopper bun and made other upgrades to make sure it held up in Burger Kings normal prep and cooking process.

Soy concentrate is one of the main ingredients in the Impossible Burger.  It’s main competition in the plant-based burger war is Beyond Burger.  Beyond uses a Pea Protein as one of its main ingredients.

Beyond Burgers have been available at most TGI Fridays as well as grocery stores nationally.  Impossible Burgers are not yet available at retail but other than Burger King, they will, or are now available at Red Robin and White Castle.

The Impossible Whopper will cost about a dollar more then an original Whooper, but if you are looking for a quick vegan meal on the go, starting Thursday Burger King will have a Whooper ready for you to try.