Passersby of Dottie's Coffee Lounge on North St. in Pittsfield may have been panicked for a second to see paper covering all of the glass windows and doors.

Dottie's recently posted to their Facebook page the following messages...

Join us on St. Patrick’s Day before we close for a few weeks!
We’re doing some upgrades so that we can serve you faster!! New espresso machine and an additional counter coming to you APRIL!
Dottie's neighbor "Mission" will help in the interim by letting patrons use that space for coffee!
Mill Town who owns Mission recently posted the following message to their Facebook page...
Every strong neighborhood has that place for the community to come together - where you can set a meeting, have a chance run-in, exchange a smile, and always feel welcome.
For downtown Pittsfield, Dottie's Coffee Lounge has embodied that spirit and been that easy community gathering space for so many. While they’re closed for renovations for a couple of weeks, we want to keep those community connections alive and our neighbors well-caffeinated!
Head next door for your morning coffee, a bite to eat, and a quick place to hang out at @missionberkshires from March 19 – April 2 for our Coffee Shop Pop-Up 
Serving French Press Barrington Coffee Roasting Co., tea, and juice, as well as hot egg sandwiches, pastries, granola, and some light lunch fare. Open 8AM – 1PM, 7 days a week.

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