There is finally some resolution after more than 50 years on a cold case murder of a Massachusetts woman. The murder dates back to 1971.

The announcement was made yesterday (Tuesday 3/22) after more than 50 years...

According to a post on the Massachusetts State Police Facebook page, Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan and Bedford Chief of Police Ken Fong announced Tuesday that after more than 50 years, a man has been charged in connection with the murder of Natalie Scheublin. The 54-year-old woman was brutally murdered in her Bedford, Massachusetts home on June 10 of 1971.
Massachusetts State Police
Massachusetts State Police

(above: Natalie Scheublin, murdered in 1971 in her Bedford, MA home)

The murder described...

This description of the murder was posted on the MSP Facebook page. It's a somewhat graphic description, so if you are easily disturbed by this type of information, skip over the following paragraph:
In the early evening of Thursday, June 10, 1971, Raymond Scheublin, the President of the Lexington Trust Bank, returned from work to find the body of his wife, Natalie Scheublin, in the basement of their Bedford home. She was face down on the floor, her ankles bound and a makeshift gag tied around her neck. Mr. Scheublin immediately contacted the Bedford Police Department, whose officers arrived within minutes. Based on the state of her body it appeared that Mrs. Scheublin had only been dead for a short time. An autopsy subsequently determined that Mrs. Scheublin had been stabbed with a knife multiple times and struck with an unidentified object, causing a massive blunt force injury to her head.
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Arraignment was to take place today (Wednesday 3/23)...

Arthur Louis Massei has been charged in connection with allegedly tying up Scheublin, stabbing her multiple times, and then striking her in the head, which caused her death. A Middlesex Grand Jury indicted the 76-year-old Massei, of Salem, MA, on the charge of first-degree murder on Tuesday. Massei was subsequently arrested at his residence and was expected to be arraigned today (Wednesday 3/23) in Middlesex Superior Court in Woburn.

Finally some resolution for the family...

More than half a century ago, Natalie Scheublin, a wife and mother, was violently murdered in her own home. Today, we were able to tell her son and daughter that we were finally able to take the first step in holding the alleged perpetrator accountable for her death. ~ Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan

Read the full MSP Facebook post:

There are many details of the case that I am leaving out here, but you can get the full details of the case by reading the Massachusetts State Police Facebook post, which is fairly thorough. See below:


*We will update this story if and when we learn more.



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