Pittsfield City Hall posted information regarding the update on the progress of Eversource to restore power throughout the area.  The storm took down trees and powerlines yesterday causing the loss of power across the region, including Whoopee’s sister station LIVE 95.9.

The crews are working hard to restore juice to those areas still affected by the storm.  Below is the post from Pittsfield City Hall including links to Eversource and an updated outage map.

Please see the below update from Eversource:

"Eversource is working as quickly and safely as possible to restore customers affected by Wednesday’s statewide wind- and thunderstorm, which brought gusts of up to 70 mph to Massachusetts.

Town-by-town restoration estimates are available on Eversource.com. Customers who remain out of power will be notified, and the information will also be shared on social media. We are working hard to refine these estimates as we bring more resources into the restoration effort, and we will update the site to reflect any revisions.

As of 12:15 p.m. we are working on 661 individual damage locations affecting about 10,900 customers in Western Mass . About 41,200 customers have been restored in this region."

Good news for the weekend as the Berkshires can expect sun mixing with clouds on Saturday and a high in the mid-70s.   Sunday well get sun mixing with clouds and cooler than Saturday with a high of 63.

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