Due to the recent cyberattack, Colonial Pipeline took lines 1,2,3, and 4 offline. Colonial is the fuel provider that supplies the eastern seaboard of the United States. And gas prices, which were already on the rise, could rise even higher still.

AAA Northeast says gas prices went up by six cents a gallon over the past week and they expect prices to rise another three to seven cents this week.

According to WWLP/22 News, AAA is asking and encouraging drivers not to "panic buy". Simply practice better driving habits to get the most out of your gas. Here are a few tips to minimize your gas usage:

  • Plan ahead to accomplish multiple errands in one trip
  • If and whenever possible, avoid high-traffic times of the day
  • If you're in possession of more than one vehicle, use the most fuel-efficient model that meets your driving needs
  • It takes more fuel to accelerate heavier cars, so remove unnecessary and bulky items from your car
  • Minimize use of roof racks and remove special carriers if you're not using them
  • Try to use your air conditioning as little as possible. Open windows have less effect on fuel economy than the engine power required to operate the compressor of an air conditioner
  • If there's no shade available where you park your vehicle, use a windshield sunscreen to lessen heat buildup inside the car

The bottom line is don't panic and drive smart. With just a few tips and tricks, you should be able to make your gas last longer. For more, check out WWLP's website here.

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