Courtesy of a Media Advisory From the City Of Pittsfield:

Pittsfield Fire Chief Thomas Sammons will present certificates of recognition to brothers, Christopher Daniels, 16, and Skylar Daniels, 13, for their valiant efforts in trying to assist a swimmer who was in distress at Silver Lake in Pittsfield on Monday, June 22. The Chief will be joined by Mayor Linda Tyer.

The event will take place this Thursday, July 2, at 10 am on the back lot of the Pittsfield Fire Department Headquarters at 74 Columbus Avenue. In the event of rain, the Certificate of Recognition ceremony will be moved indoors.

I think it's very honorable that, despite being unable to save the swimmer's life, the two boys did what they could to try and help him. That takes a certain kind of courage. And these days, that's in short supply.

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