It is finally coming to the forefront, for years we have heard about crazy brides AKA "Bridezillas" There is a tv show about them And the Groomzilla even has a movie.

I call this progress on our quest for gender equality. No longer do we live in a world with only "bridezillas" we finally have a "groomzilla" standing up for high-maintenance men everywhere.

A 29-year-old guy put up a post in Reddit's "Am I the A-hole" section earlier this week saying he's upset because his family members are pushing back on the dress code for his wedding next month.

Quote, "We have been clear from the beginning that this is going to be a white tie event the dress code will be fully enforced. White tie, no unnaturally dyed hair, no visible tattoos or piercings."

After a bunch of people commented on the post, and concluded that he was, in fact, the "A-hole" in the situation . . . the guy added one more point.

Quote, "Just so you know, everyone shouting 'bridezilla' is being very sexist. I am the man, and while my fiancée and I agree on this issue entirely, I am the one who posted this."

Here are a few symptoms of a groomzilla in the making from The Knot

He keeps adding random people you've never heard of to the guest list and freaking out when you veto them.

He complains about not having his own shower and isn't satisfied when you suggest having one together.

He pretends to be stuffing envelopes but secretly refuses to pause his movie marathon.

He rents a nacho cheese fountain for your reception behind your back, when you specifically told him that budget was for your parents' thank-you gifts.

He snaps when his tux arrives and doesn't fit, but he waited to order at the last minute and there's no time to see a tailor.

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