I know it is still summer but with the way traveling is going you might want to think ahead, way ahead, if you are planning to fly to see Family and friends this holiday season.

I have heard people traveling and having no delays, to some who have had to stay on the plane for hours before takeoff.

It was reported on national news that the government may step in to have airlines stop overbooking their flights.

So, why do airlines overbook this in the first place? empty seats are not profitable, so overbooking allows the airline to ensure that every seat on the airplane is making money for them.

With the way travel has been going lately right now airlines have what they call a “no-show rate,” which helps airlines determine how many extra tickets to sell, which is determined by data from past flights connecting the same points. That could be one of the issues that can leave a sour taste in a flyer's mouth.

So when is it best to fly and book for the holidays?

If you are going to fly for Thanksgiving, you need to book your flight now through early September. If you don't book earlier, it is still possible to get a decent deal after Halloween, but your chances quickly decrease.  Your odds of finding the best flight time also go down when booking after Halloween.

The best days to fly TO Thanksgiving are the Monday or Tuesday before Thanksgiving, or on the holiday itself. The worst day is Wednesday.

Christmas is the next holiday up. Don't be too surprised by this If you are traveling during Christmas, you need to buy your tickets now through early September.

The best days to fly to Christmas are Sunday, December 18th, Monday, December 19th, Tuesday, December 20th, or Christmas Eve or Christmas. The worst days are Thursday, December 22nd, and Friday, December 23rd.

The Vacationer has lots of info on traveling.

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