Are you afraid of bears, Massachusetts? If you're like me and you believe that bears are basically peaceful creatures unless they feel threatened, you may change your beliefs after hearing the following story.

Oh, did I mention that bears can be very menacing when they are hungry? Did I mention that? Talk about a tragic scene sounding like something out of a violent horror movie.

According to a statement from the Massachusetts State Police, after a horrific car crash in Western Massachusetts recently, a bear that was observed in the area dragged the victim's body into the woods!

Police were called to the scene of a deadly car crash off a highway in Hatfield at approximately 11 am this past Sunday morning. The caller reported they observed the car hitting the guardrail a few times before veering off the side of the road into the woods knocking down several trees.

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Boston 25 News reports that police found the body of Daniel Ducharme of South Hadley in the woods off Route 91 just a short distance away from his vehicle (a 2016 Honda Civic) which suffered extensive damage.

Investigators believe that Ducharme was killed due to the crash and his body became either partially or fully ejected from the car. Evidence suggests that, at some point, a bear that was seen in the woods in the vicinity of the crash made contact with the victim's body.

The bear fled the scene shortly after first responders arrived and Ducharme was the only occupant of the vehicle. The accident remains under investigation by the State Police-Northampton Barracks, the State Police Detective Unit for Hampshire/Franklin Counties, and other law enforcement agencies.

For the full story, visit Boston 25 News' website here

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