We have had some really cold weather this winter. We all know someone whether a friend, neighbor, family member or co-worker,  who could use a little help to stay warm this winter.

Berkshire Community Action Council (BCAC)’s Heating Fuel Assistance Program, provides income-eligible households with help paying their heating bills. The program is accepting applications now through April 30th.

Homeowners and renters may both be eligible to receive help paying their winter heating bills.

All primary heating types may be eligible for assistance, including oil, propane, kerosene, coal, cordwood, wood pellets, natural gas, and electric.

Any household whose gross yearly income falls at or below the program income guidelines for the number of people in the household may be eligible.

For example, a household of one can have an income of up to $40,951; a household of two can have an income of up to $53,551; a household of four can have an income of up to $78,751; and, a household of five can have an income of up to $91,351 and be eligible.

Once a household is determined to be eligible for fuel assistance, the household may also be eligible for BCAC’s Heating System Repair and Replacement and Home Weatherization Assistance Programs. Eligible households may also be eligible for BCAC’s Refrigerator and Washing Machine Replacement Program, which replaces older high energy using models with new energy-efficient ones.

For more information, individuals can call BCAC at 413-445-4503 (for Central/South County) or 413-663-3014 (for North County) Monday - Thursday between 9 am to 3 pm; or the 24-hour information line at 1-866-216-6200.

The website is www.bcacinc.org.

Don’t be left in the cold this winter. Call BCAC today.





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