I don't know about you but I have a ton of reusable shopping bags at my house, I just have to remember to put them back in the car after I am done with them.

Big Y Foods has set Aug. 1st as the date that it plans to eliminate single-use plastic bags at checkouts throughout its entire chain, including at the company's supermarkets in North Adams and Pittsfield.

The Berkshire Eagle reports that the Springfield-based grocer also operates Berkshire supermarkets in Great Barrington and Lee, and gas/convenience stores in Lee and Pittsfield. But town ordinances already in effect prohibit the use of single-use plastic bags in Great Barrington and Lee.

Big Y began phasing out the use of single-use plastic bags at its Pittsfield gas/convenience store in April. Big Y announced in January that it planned to eliminate the bags at checkouts at all of its more than 80 locations in Massachusetts and Connecticut by next year.

And if you forget your reusable bags to the market, there will have a 10-cent charge added to your bill to pay for paper bags, that charge is to help promote the use of reusable bags.