We are just a few weeks away from Thanksgiving, and some folks, those overachievers have already done their Christmas shopping.
Here's a question a lot of people have strong opinions on, As we start off the month of November should radio stations and stores already be playing Christmas Music? If you are a lover of Christmas tunes you will fit right in this group, According to a new poll. Almost one in five Americans say Yes! play that Christmas music. I am ready!

If that was not good enough for you, 18% of us think radio stations should start playing Christmas music in November, before Thanksgiving. That includes 5% who want to hear it year-round. But everyone else says NNNNNNNOOOOO not yet! If I have to hear Dominic the donkey one more time I think I will scream stop. but that is only as it is played for the 500th time.

As far as the popular pendulum swinging back and forth the most popular answer to start playing Christmas music in late November after Thanksgiving, with the most amount of votes. Coming in at number two on starting up the holiday music was on Thanksgiving Day, at number three is the first part of December. At number four said not until the week of Christmas even I think they should be played more than just Christmas day, in last place folks said only on Christmas Day. Then there are the party poopers who would love to never hear Christmas music again.

My choice is right around Thanksgiving, what about you?

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