A North Adams man is facing charges after a “glitter bomb” he mailed to a neighbor in May, resulted in the evacuation of the North Adams Police Department.

The Berkshire Eagle reports that although the suspicious package was only a prank pulled by 66-year-old Ashland Street resident Michael Dargie, police say it caused a very real disruption. City resident Leigh Rose brought the suspicious package to the North Adams Police Department shortly after 11 am on May 17th. She told officers she was fearful of the package’s contents.

The package, which was shipped via the U.S. Postal Service from a P.O. Box in Fishers, Ind., contained a white cylinder with a white piece of tape on the end that said “open.” Police called North Adams firefighters to the scene and used thermal imaging but still could not identify the cylinder’s contents. Officials made the decision to evacuate the police station and to call the Massachusetts State Police Bomb Squad.

The Company that makes the Glitter Bombs and other Pranks is called Pranks Anonymous. When you go to their website you see that it is not only Glitter Bombs but also other prank gifts like sending someone a potato, or a box with nothing in it, Gag gifts.

I reached out to the company to see what they were all about and spoke with them on Messenger where they said:

Feel free to recognize that in comparison to almost all of our competitors our website does not reference revenge, hate, or harm. We have purposely set ourselves apart from everyone else in that regard. The vast majority of our pranks are between family members for birthday surprises or a silly way to ask a friend to be your best man/groomsman. Also, at checkout, we reinforce that this website should only be used for gag-gift purposes only, and not for harm. Additionally, every customer has to agree and sign off on our terms of service before they can order anything through us that states the same thing.

The coverage on who we are and what we do has been quite negative in regards to that court case.

You can check out their terms of service.

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