This man, who New Hampshire Police say is armed and dangerous, is on the loose and very well could be in Massachusetts... and that means, he could potentially be here in Berkshire County!

According to a press release issued Tuesday morning Police in Brentwood, New Hampshire are searching for and are asking for help from the public in locating this man, Peter M. Curtis. He is wanted in connection with an abduction that took place last week in Brentwood. He allegedly used a firearm to perpetrate the abduction of a woman.


Brentwood NH Police Dept.
Brentwood NH Police Dept.

(Above: This man, Peter M. Curtis is wanted by police in New Hampshire. He may possibly be in Massachusetts)


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The victim, an adult woman, was not harmed by Curtis and she has actually returned home safely. Curtis, on the other hand, is out there somewhere and is considered to be armed and dangerous. He was recently seen in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and the states of New Hampshire, and Maine.

John Ventura Chief of Police is asking that anyone with any information at all regarding the case, please contact them. He says you can call the Brentwood Police Department at 603-642-8817 or your local Police Department. Police are also warning that if you should locate or come across this suspect, you should absolutely not do not approach him. And you should call the police right away.


We will follow up with any updates about this suspect's whereabouts or if he was found by the police. 


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