Gov. Charlie Baker announced a $774 million plan Thursday that he said will help stabilize the state's economy as Massachusetts continues to grapple with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

From a story reported on by Western Mass News, the plan includes $115 million for local businesses that have been particularly hard hit by virus restrictions, especially in the early days of the pandemic.

The stimulus package will also include money to expand workforce training programs, help stabilize housing, expand broadband access especially in Western Mass, and generate new economic development.

Governor Baker said about $175 million of the package needs legislative approval.

Baker went on to say that the goal is to stabilize economic growth that has already started in parts of the state and help kickstart it in other areas that are still struggling to recover.

Governor Baker also expressed frustration with the failure of Congress to pass another economic stimulus package, saying they have access to vastly greater sums of money.

Baker said his proposal is no substitute for a federal aid package but that doesn't seem to be happening with the ongoing clashes between the U.S. Senate, U.S. House and White House over a new aid package.

Baker went on to say the new state funding is aimed at helping businesses “keep the wheels on the bus” as the business climate continues to improve.

For more on how vital the economic stimulus package will be for Massachusetts, check out the full story on Western Mass News' website here.

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