Since I have lived here in the Berkshires now for over12 years, most of the time in rural areas, I always thought I would see a bear somewhere along the line.

My first experience was living in Hinsdale when we first moved here. Getting ready to go to work I leave out really early in the morning.

The First encounter I did not get to see the bears but was opening the door and something felt out of place, like the garbage can, the bird feeders, all kinds of things scattered all over the porch. then I look down and see a huge paw print.

So I close the door real quick and run upstairs to Scott( aka hubby). Needless to say I had him escort me out to my car with a shotgun in tow. Did not even see the bear but that scared me to death, the second time was a momma and two baby bear just crossing over on our deck, and Scott going out there to shoo them away.

A few weeks back we had some super windy weather and had loaded up our garbage in the back of the truck to take to dump it, well by the time we got ready to go there was all kinds of our garbage from the bags scattered everywhere.

With the wind it was a major cleanup and took forever. Of course, I am looking around for paw prints, did not see one until Scott pick up a paper plate that had been in the garbage with a huge paw print that covered the whole plate.

Lately, I have been seeing folks post pics on their Facebook pages so bears are definitely getting busier and in more people's yards.

Have you had an experience with a bear here in the Berkshires? If so tell us about or send us a photo of that experience we will post in this story.

Here are some tips from Mass Wildlife on how to make your yard less bear friendly


Western Wildlife District, Dalton: (413) 684-1646


On 5/29 a bear decided to pay us a visit. He stayed for a while. He lounged by the pool, climbed a tree then ran off. This is the second visit we have had. About a week ago our security camera caught a bear out for a midnight stroll. I also sent that picture.  We like Adams.
Melissa peck