Carr Hardware is proud to announce our “Round-Up for the Schools” is now running inside our North Adams Store, our Pittsfield Store and our Lee Store with more coming soon!

Carr Hardware, a family-owned business has been a part of our community for over 90 years.

Carr Hardware is offering all their customers the option to round-up the final cost of their purchases to the nearest dollar. Carr Hardware will then match those donations and purchase needed personal protective equipment, such as masks, gloves, sanitizers, and other needs they can secure, to donate to our local schools. Carr Hardware will also have collection jars stationed at all locations for customers to donate.

Carr Hardware is collecting, matching, yes matching, and then donating needed PPE to our local schools!

President of Carr Hardware, Bart Raser stated

Helping the local community is critically important and has always been something that Carr Hardware and the Raser family has prioritized. Keeping our local kids safe is more important than ever. We have a long history of helping local kids in our community which is consistent with our vision as a local family-owned business.

We appreciate the support the community gives us so supporting them back is essential.

To date, North Adams Public Schools, Lee Public Schools and Pittsfield Public Schools have agreed to partner with Carr Hardware with more rolling in.

The local community can stop into any Berkshire County Carr Hardware retail store to donate. Help Carr Hardware Help Our Kids!

For More Information go to Downtown Pittsfield Inc  Or Carr Hardware

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