Thanksgiving is days away and of course, I wait till today or the day before to get everything I am going to need. That's an excellent sign.

I have an idea of what I am now cooking for Thanksgiving Number 6 for the main course and for the sides, fresh cranberry sauce, I learned how to make last year, It came out so good!


Brussell sprouts with bacon and maple syrup, butternut squash, Oh yes and some stuffing, but then Scott will want green bean casserole, ok so maybe there are a few more cuts I need to make of my cooking list for Turkey day.

With that in mind YOU.GOV

A new survey asked people to name their three favorite Thanksgiving main courses and three favorite side dishes.

I am curious about what you are going to be serving for your Thanksgiving?

Here are the results for the main courses.

1. Turkey, 84%.

2. Ham, 56%.

3. Chicken, 32%.

4. Beef, 24%.

5. Lamb, 9%. I would like to try that sometime.

6. Duck, 7%. Ding, ding, ding we have a winner!, that is what I am cooking.

7. Fish, 6%.

8. Tofu, 3%. that right a tofurkey.

And here are the most popular side dishes.

- What America eats on Thanksgiving - YouGov -
- What America eats on Thanksgiving - YouGov -

1. Stuffing or dressing, 53%.

2. Mashed potatoes, 51%.

3. Sweet potatoes or yams, 31%.

4. Cranberry sauce, 24%.I will make both kinds in the can and cooked.

5. Bread or rolls, 23%.,Mmmmm Kings Hawian rolls are always good.

6. Green bean casserole, 20%.

7. Mac and cheese, 19%.

8. Corn, 12%.

9. Salad, 8%.

10. Cornbread, 7%.

11. Fruit salad, 6%.

12. TIE: Squash, Brussels sprouts, and collard greens, 5%. both are yummy!

13. Mixed vegetables, 4%.

14. TIE: Glazed carrots, soup, and black-eyed peas, 3%.

What America eats on Thanksgiving - YouGov -
What America eats on Thanksgiving - YouGov -


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