Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, love all the dressing up and, parade and the spookiness that has always been here in the Berkshires but this time of year these locations, which there will be a new one each day this week, This one always gets the most attention.

If you want to get your spook on here is a place you might like to check out.

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We start with the Hoosic tunnel, which was built in 1851 and finished in 1875. Supposedly 200 hundred people died even before a train ran through the tunnel.  Some people who have visited the tunnel have said they have seen ghosts. I am not talking about one or two people but over a dozen have claimed they have seen and heard strange happenings inside the tunnel.

IMR Films/YouTube

Some had died from the explosions, on October 17, 1868, which was the worst disaster in the tunnel's history. Thirteen miners died in a gas explosion that blew apart a surface pumping station.


Supposedly after that disaster, “The ghostly apparitions would appear briefly, then vanish, leaving no footprints in the snow, giving no answers to the miners' calls. This kept on till they retrieved the bodies of the dead miners.

So many accidents occurred and so many men died.

Hoosic Tunnel /Google Earth
Hoosic Tunnel /Google Earth

All different types of sitings have occurred over the years.

Rock Excavated to make the train tunnel was around 2 Million tons.
Remember there are warnings posted that you should follow if you attempt to check out the ghosts there.

Tomorrow we visit the Houghton Mansion!

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