The year the Mohawk Theatre came to life was 1938 and it stayed open till the early 90s. You can tell with its' art design it was a beautiful building.

For years now the town of North Adams has tried to bring it back to life. Nowadays when there is a special event, they will light up the marquee.

There have been a lot of discussions over the years about what should be done with the theatre. A couple of the mayors down the line have tried to do something about the venue.

Former North Adams Mayor John Barrett, who led efforts to acquire the Mohawk, when he was mayor, invested a lot of time and money.

The next mayor who came into office, Richard Alcombright, tried to broker a partnership with the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, but nothing ever happened with that.

During Mayor Alcombright's time in office, he also had celebrities Lauren Hutton, Laurence Fishburne, Catherine Nouvel, and Jeremy Irons, tour the theatre and get some input from them on what would be needed to bring it back to life. The Big answer he got was a lot of money.

Next up in the mayors' seat was Mayor Tom Bernard, who seemed to have gotten the ball rolling with some interest, there was talk of a million-dollar deal that didn't go, then a lot lower offer from another person came in which Bernard was thinking of accepting. The city council gave that a no.

What do the residents of Berkshire County have to say or feel about this subject?

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