Who would have thought those old toys could be worth so much? I have to say I wish that I had waited ten more years before I sold my cabbage patch doll that was still in the original packaging.

If you have one of the original cabbage patch kids from 1976 when Xavier Roberts sold the first dolls that 1976 doll could be worth up to $1000.00. They released a new doll this past year too not very much fanfare.

Alexis Ak47Trinity/Youtube

Another toy from the '70s that is worth a pretty penny is the telescopic lightsaber of Darth Vader, the year 1978. Of course, the original movie coming out meant a lot of merchandise, including this one that is worth a happy $6000.00.

Remember the Furby? This is one of the toys that people fought over in the store aisles.
I always thought the Furby was on the creepy side, others however loved them. Loved them so much they are worth hundreds of dollars.

Zak Wolf/Youtube

Oh, those wonderful and naughty Garbage Pail Kids the collector's cards, specifically the Adam Bomb card could be worth up to $4000.00.

Another Hollis Build/Youtube

Hot Wheels collectors check your collection. There is always the chance that there were more than two of these vehicles, that someone bought.

If you have this certain hot wheels vehicle, we are talking about the Volkswagen Beach Bomb van,  Mattel found out that the Beach Bomb van would not work on the Hot Wheels track, for this reason, they pulled the Beach Bomb van off the store shelves. So that means to a collector, this vehicle would be worth a lot of money

If you have one pink rear-loading Volkswagen Beach Bomb van. Supposedly there are only two left, one person who owns one of the vehicles has been offered one hundred and fifty thousand dollars and he turned it down.


I used to do some collecting in years past when Fox started the Simpsons show.  I received a die-cast set of the characters the first year they made their debut.

Still in the box and a Simpson bowling alley with Homer still in the box. Hopefully, they will be worth something someday. Collectors are selling them right now online for 45-50 dollars.

If you have toys in your attic or in the back of a closet, it might pay off to pull them out and check to see what they are going for online.

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