The Historic Valley Campground in North Adams has closed after a successful season.

I had a blast there when the weather was still warm, cooking out with friends, kayaking and playing frisbee golf. reports that manager Wendy Sherman told the Windsor Lake Recreation Commission last week that the season was busy right up to the very end.

She said that they got a lot of winter storage this year – 26 people with winter storage and 45 people on the waiting list.
The number of seasonals is currently around 50 but she thought another 10 could be added on. There's 20 on the lake loop and the campground in total has 100 sites.

So far about five seasonals have indicated they weren't coming back and those spots have been filled. She said the turnover number was typical.

She wasn't too worried about the electric draw because people know that they can't run their air conditioning and microwave at the same time. However, part of the city's plan is to upgrade the electrical system.

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