Is life really more stressful than it used to be?  Sure, older generations had to deal with things like global wars and polio.  But here are some stressful situations they never had to think about. Ok, "Stressful" might be an overstatement, a big overstatement if you ask me because you really have control over all these issues. Check these out and see how many of these you have done.

You 'like' a really old post on Facebook or Instagram.  Then you realize it looks like you were stalking the person online.  There's a term for it now called a "deep like". That is one term I had not even heard about.

You take a sick day to hang out with friends, then, someone tags you in a photo, so your boss knows you lied.  You can avoid that one most of the time by changing your settings, so you have to approve other people's tags first.

You want to update your LinkedIn profile, so you can apply for a new job.  But you're worried your current boss will see it and know you're planning to quit.

Who has not had this one happen to them? I raise my hand on this one. You don't proofread a text.  Then you realize Autocorrect changed a word to something dumb or inappropriate.  That never happened when we just wrote letters.

You gossip about someone in a group text, not a smart move in the first place. then realize they're on the group text.  Older generations just had to make sure the person wasn't within earshot.

You find out the person you're dating is still active on dating apps like Tinder.  Meaning you should be exclusive, but they haven't deleted their account yet.  So you have to have an awkward conversation about it.  Yeah, life's tough.


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