Every time you turn around someone is making some sort of unique food. There's a debate going on about what a hot dog is and it's not because no one knows what's in them. There are countless ways to make a hot dog and that includes franks that are formed in a flat, round shape.

Recently a meat delivery service called Rastelli’s started selling "round hot dogs" from that point it has gone viral on social media, leaving numerous Twitter users confused.

Unlike traditional hot dogs, Rastelli's round hot dogs are flat, round and fit better on a hamburger bun than a traditional hot dog bun.


These "round hot dogs." look like well, a real thick cut of bologna, they just have a rougher edge.

This isn't the first time someone has made something like this, a while back someone was making "Flatdogs" and Rastelli's has had them for a few years now. But still, the Internet is going crazy over them.

It even caught the attention of a hot dog expert named Eric Mittenthal, who's the president of the National Hot Dog & Sausage Council( Yes there is a council for hot dogs and sausage). He dismissed the round hot dogs as glorified bologna, and called them, quote, "the creation of a wonderful sale."

But Rastelli's says there's more to it than that. They say their round hot dogs use high-quality meats that are chopped, not fully emulsified or liquified "like traditional bologna." Their dogs are also smoked with a special blend of woods, before being finished in an oven. They sell eight for $18.00, you will have to wait to get your order people really like them, they are currently out of stock.

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