I have started delving into the world of wine, my personal choice in types is whites and blushes, on the other side is Scott, he is more cabernet and merlot. So I have decided to check out some of the local wineries.

I am finding out that some of the wineries here are only open on the weekend and some offer even more than just wine tasting.

Silver Bear Distillery out of Dalton does a line of vodkas and special liquor. You can get their products at quite a few local liquor stores.

Sunset Meadow Of Massachusetts is one of Massachusetts' largest wineries, they have over 50 acres and that comes in handy with making their wines available from Albany to the Berkshires and down into Connecticut.

Hilltop Orchards of the Berkshires located in Richmond is not a one-trick pony! Artisanal Craft Ciders, Amazing Cider Donuts Made Daily, Wine, and Cider Tastings and I Love me some Fresh apple cider.

Les Trois Emme Vineyard & Winery located in New Marlborough is known to make delicious appetizers to go along with your tasting.

Home Range Winery is just over the border in Canaan New York, this is one that I have heard of but don't know what type of wines they do. Looking forward to checking them out this spring.

Just so you know one wine might taste better to you than someone who might be saying they drink the best. It is all really in what you like. Enjoy the wineries in the Berkshires you may find some great surprises in other products that they make too.

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