Warm-up your vocal cords the search for the next superstar is coming to Massachusetts!

Open call virtual Zoom auditions for AMERICAN IDOL in MASSACHUSETTS

“American Idol” will continue to break new innovative boundaries with custom-built Zoom technology to host “Idol Across America,” its first-ever live virtual nationwide search for the next superstar.

“Idol Across America” remote auditions will take place across all 50 states plus Washington, D.C., for the first time since the show’s inception, making auditions easier than ever.

Idol hopefuls will have the chance to audition face-to-face in front of “American Idol” producers as the “Idol Across America” virtual tour stops in their home state.

WHERE: “Idol Across America” visits Massachusetts with brand-new custom-built Zoom technology.

WHEN: REGISTRATION / AUDITIONS – Wednesday, September 9

Please visit www.americanidol.com/auditions for more information on “Idol Across America” and specific audition details, locations, full eligibility requirements, submission forms, terms, and conditions.

If you get to audition don't forget to tell us here at email WUPE your good news!

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