Some hopeful news being reported on by the Boston Herald on Monday, May 18. Moderna, the Cambridge-based company, announced that the coronavirus vaccine they created has shown positive results in its phase 1 study.

All healthy phase 1 participants, after two doses of the vaccine, showed binding antibody levels and neutralizing antibody levels that were at or above those who have recovered from coronavirus.

According to Moderna, the vaccine was safe and well tolerated by those who participated. The company expects an anticipated dose for phase 3 to start sometime in July.

A phase 2 study to evaluate the safety of the vaccine after two doses are given to participants 28 days apart, is expected to start soon. This study will include approximately 600 healthy participants.

To find out many more aspects of this very important study, head to the Boston Herald website. Here's the link to the story. And a big thanks to them for getting the information out there.



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