I was in Lynn visiting family over the weekend and spent some time at the beach. Man, was it HOT! Record temperatures in Boston during the last few days, it was 98 degrees on Sunday.

I ran Lynn beach on Sunday morning and could barely do 4 miles it was so hot, it was breezy, however, so we decided to take the kids to Nahant Beach. It was my favorite spot as a kid.

So, they reconstructed the Nahant Causeway in the early 2010's as part of a $20M dollar project, but with that came the elimination of about 200 parking spaces.

I'm not saying that the upgrade was unnecessary, or it doesn't look much better, but the bottlenecking at the beginning of the beach was crazy on Sunday afternoon.

Nahant Beach Facebook
Nahant Beach Facebook

There are two lanes accepting the $10 parking fee, which was fine, I mean, it's a great beach and the demand is obviously high, but then you get stuck in this line of cars waiting for someone to leave so you can take their spot.


I normally just pass parked cars until I found an empty space, but, apparently most don't? We probably waited 20 minutes to get a space, which there were 185 vacant according to the MDC employee at the gate, in a strip that is only 1.5 miles long.

There isn't much room on the left side for someone to pass a vehicle that is temporarily hanging out and waiting for the space they claimed.

I'm certainly not complaining, look I get it, it was 98 degrees and it's a beach. I rarely go to Nahant Beach since I don't live in the Boston area anymore, I just didn't know if the parking situation that I witnessed on Sunday was par for the course.

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