If you're a coffee lover, how do you take it? Black? Regular with cream and sugar? Flavored? If you prefer flavored coffee then what's your flavor of choice? Do you like it spicy(I'm talking PUMPKIN spice)? Do you go crazy for caramel? Maybe you just want a hint of hazelnut?

In honor of National Coffee Day, Versa Networks, the nation's leading Secure Access Service Edge vendor, conducted a study on the coffee flavors that are the most popular in each state.

Before we surprise everyone with the most popular coffee flavor in Massachusetts, let's look at how Versa Networks came up with its findings. They analyzed several different flavors such as pumpkin, vanilla, mocha, etc. in Google Trends.

Then, they determined the most popular flavor in each state by looking at which flavor was #1 in search volume over the past twelve months. They came up with some very interesting findings.

I confess that I never would have guessed the most popular coffee flavor in Massachusetts on the first try. Probably not even the second or third try. And it actually happens to be a flavor that I like. I just didn't think it was that popular.

So, Berkshire County, is it Hazelnut? Peppermint? Vanilla? Nope. It's Cinnamon Roll. If you say you were not surprised by that, then you're pretty amazing! And only 5 other states preferred Cinnamon Roll, two of which are Texas and Florida.

The most popular flavor of coffee overall? Again, another surprise(at least to me). Caramel-flavored coffee is the most popular coffee in the country ranking #1 in 11 states for search volume. I also like that flavor, I just didn't think it would be the most popular.

Coming in a close second(#1 in 10 states) was mocha-flavored coffee. Finally, vanilla(which I would have guessed would be #1) came in third leading 9 states as the most popular.

And for all this talk nowadays about pumpkin this and pumpkin that, pumpkin came in only 6th place being the favorite coffee flavor in just 5 states. However, 3 of those 5 states are right here in New England(Vermont, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island).

Here's an interesting stat: Three coffee flavors won only 1 state each. Butter pecan was the top flavor in Illinois. Amaretto(one of my personal faves) was the top vote-getter in Indiana and blueberry was the #1 pick in Maine.

Trust me coffee-holics, the study is worth checking out for yourself. Just visit Versa Networks' website here for more cool facts and stats. And remember, if you LOVE coffee, every day is National Coffee Day!

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