I always love taking a drive on the Mohawk Trail. If you are looking for some fun on these warm summer days check out the Mohawk trail where you will find everything from camping, and trips down the Deerfield river to wonderful handmade art.

The Mohican – Mohawk Recreation Trail follows the corridor of the historic Native American path along the Deerfield River.

I drive by here all the time and see the beautiful bowls on display. I am talking about Spencer Peterman Bowls on the Mohawk trail in Gill these bowls and not only very useable but are also art. In the same area is the Glacier Holes ( another great place to check out).

The wood often comes from fallen trees in backyards and woods, deteriorating, disfigured, and moss-covered. They have stock of maple, black walnut and cherry, and burls of any kind.
Spencer Peterman started the business in the late 1900s making Nantucket baskets. Wanting to diversify, he learned to turn a lathe and started a wholesale business.

Right down the road, there are some gorgeous flowers, The Shelburne Falls Women’s Club of 1929 started a committee to ensure the bridge over the Deerfield River was always in bloom. Since that time it has been a spectacle to behold in the spring and summer months.

Shelburne Falls Bridge of Flowers/Facebook
Shelburne Falls Bridge of Flowers/Facebook

A definite must-see for flower lovers. The bridge is open April through October and their website has a list of the many plant varieties you’ll find here and around The Berkshires.

Riding down the Deerfield River is always fun and a great way to cool down!

Deerfield River/facebook.com
Deerfield River/facebook.com

There are plenty of places to rent tubes or blow up canoes, take a lazy trip down certain parts of the river and there are even some small rapids to have with. Also folks love to fish on the river. Get you fish on, The upper Deerfield has wild rainbow, brook, and brown trout—as well as stocked trout. On the lower river there are stocked trout as well as smallmouth bass, walleye, dace, and shad (in spring).

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Camping we will go! there are three caming places to choose from.
Mohawk Trail State Forest,State park,Charlemont, MA

Mohawk Park Campground Campground
Charlemont, MA. They they have tent camping on the waterfront.

Country Aire Campground
Campground, Shelburne Falls, MA
Close to the Glacier Holes and the Bridge of Flowers.

attachment-FireShot Capture 202 - Mohawk Trail State Forest, Massachusetts - Camping Reservations & Cam_ - www.reserveamerica.com

Mohawk State Forest/mass.gov

FYI, campgrounds including the state park fill up fast, it is best to make your reservation even before the season for camping starts.

Some places to eat at during your fun day.

Joy Bowl Poke - Hadley
Poke,Seafood,Hawaiian. They have outdoor dining.

Tarrezza in Greenfield .
Serves up some great Italian food and on yelp they hold a five star rating.

The Boathouse Galley in Charlemont
Yummy lobster rolls ,fried fish & fresh clam strips and more, grab your food and eat next to the deerfield river.

Well’s Provisions Cafe & Market, Charlemont
Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt Breakfast & Brunch
Outdoor dining

I hope this helps you have a fund day on the Mohawk Trail!

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