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Water mains throughout the city will be flushed through hydrants over the course of four weeks to remove accumulations of pipeline corrosion products. Mains will be flushed Monday through Friday each week, except holidays, between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 3 p.m.

The upcoming flushing for the week of April 26 may be expected to affect the following areas:

Starting at the town line on Dalton Avenue working west through Coltsville including
lower Crane Avenue, Meadowview neighborhood, following Cheshire Road north.
Hubbard Avenue and Downing Parkway.

Starting at the town line on East Street working west through the McIntosh and Parkside neighborhoods. Elm Street neighborhoods west to the intersection of East Street.

Starting at the town line on Williams Street working west including Mountain Drive, Ann Drive, East New Lenox Road, and Holmes Road neighborhoods.

Although flushing may cause localized discolored water and reduced service pressure conditions in and around the immediate area of flushing, appropriate measures will be taken to ensure that proper levels of treatment and disinfection are maintained in the system at all times.

If customers experience discolored water, they should let the water run for a short period to clear it prior to use.

If discolored water or low-pressure conditions persist, please contact the Water Department at 499-

Flushing is an important operating procedure that contributes significantly to the maintenance of the water quality in the water distribution system.

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