Every year on Halloween after the trick or treating is done, the kids usually want to look at what good candy (or not so good candy) they got, the trading of candy begins! and of course, mom and dad get some of the candy too looking through the kids' candy for their favorites.

In my house, I always get something for trick or treaters and my hubby Scott gets his own personal bag of goodies

I know there are all kinds of candy ranking going on, but this one is a nice change.

The Los Angeles Times ranked the most popular candies by their "trade value." Meaning how much they're worth if you're trading candy with other kids.
They factored in how good each candy is, but also looked at how rare and exciting kids think they are.

And #1 might be controversial because everyone has their favorite, that's where the trading comes into play. Starting at ten going to one being the best, see if you agree.

10. Twix. they did not say if it was the right or left Twix, a little candy humor.

9. Sour Patch Kids.

8. Snickers.

7. Tootsie Pops. They are a must in our house for Halloween.

6. Pop Rocks. Warning do not eat pop rocks and drink soda at the same time.

5. Butterfingers.


3. Cash. Always a good score! Some people hand out dollar bills on Halloween. And if you're lucky enough to get one, the trade-in value's a lot more than a dollar's worth of candy

2. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. They also named them the BEST candy overall, followed by Kit-Kats, Butterfingers, Twix, and Starburst.


1. Candy jewelry or novelty lips. the reason for the high value on these they are rare and kids are willing to give up a lot of candy for them.


I am not a kid by no means but I think I would have gone with either Reese's peanut butter cups or tootsie pops.

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