Alright, friends and neighbors, let's talk barbecue. SOUTHERN STYLE barbecue. I'm talkin' pulled pork, smoked beef brisket, and some cajun fries to top it off. But that's lunch. What about breakfast? How does a Cuban Egg Sandwich sound?

You may be asking yourself, "Cuban Egg Sandwich?? What the heck is that?" Believe it or not, it's just what the name implies. A Cuban sandwich with a fried egg added. Mmm-mmmm. And I've tried it. And I'll try it again in a heartbeat.

I'm happy to say that a local diner that not only features delicious breakfast items such as breakfast sandwiches, Texas french toast, breakfast platters, and 3 egg omelettes, but also delicious barbecue dishes for lunch.

And the restaurant that I'm referring to will be featured later this month on "America's Best Restaurants", according to the show's website. The diner happens to be a popular local favorite, Biggins Diggins in Lanesborough.

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According to a media alert from "America's Best Restaurants", the episode will air later this month and will feature interviews with the owners of Biggins Diggins, Jenn and Terry Bishop, along with some of the most popular items on the menu.

Anyone who is familiar with Biggins Diggins knows that they take their barbecue seriously. They take pride in offering the best smoked meats possible, whether it's chicken, beef brisket, or pork.

Biggins Diggens' huge smoker slowly cooks the meat for approximately 16 hours which leads to super tender and super delicious food. I'm getting hungry just typing these words.

Just Take A Look At Some Of These Amazing Dishes:




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Congratulations to Biggins Diggins for being featured on "America's Best Restaurants"! For more on the story, check out the website here. And if you've never tried the food at Biggins Diggins, stop in ASAP. 543 South Main Street, Lanesborough.

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