If you have wanted to serve the people of North Adams this might be right up your alley. We have started a new year, a new Mayor and it seems a more positive attitude as we go head-on into 2022.

North Adams Police Dept. is currently accepting resumes for the position of E-911 Dispatcher. The benefits are pretty good too.

This is a full-time status position with city benefits that include vacation/sick/personal/holiday days off along with health/dental/vision insurance, municipal pension system, shift differential incentive for second & third shifts, scheduled step raises for longevity, and even a clothing allowance. Starting pay is $17.45/hr. + benefits. Shifts run on a 4 day on 2 days off rotation and pay is weekly and shifts run 24/7/365.

The different shifts are 730a-330p / 330p-1130p and 1130p-730a. Shifts are filled per seniority - open shifts will be determined as positions are filled. Current openings are: (4 day) 330p-1130p (1 priority vacancy). (2 day) 730a-330p & (2 day) 330p-1130p split shift (1 secondary vacancy).

If you don't have the experience the city of North Adams provides all state-mandated and departmental training required for the position.

Preference is given to those that already have all or any Massachusetts E-911 mandated/accepted certifications. The city of North Adams is an Equal Opportunity Employer. If anyone has any questions or wants to submit a letter of interest/resume, please email: Dispatch Supervisor Arthur Barbeau at: abarbeau@northadams-ma.gov

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