While many public schools across the Commonwealth are getting ready to hit the books next week in some type of form or fashion, the state is launching an ad campaign to encourage parents, students, and teachers to stay healthy during the pandemic.

According to a story reported on by Western Mass News, the state has released a back-to-school ad campaign to ensure children do their part.

The state’s Department of Elementary and Secondary Education is putting out ads on television, radio, social media, and public transportation.

The main message: if kids are sick, they should stay home. They also encourage kids to play their part in the classroom.

The back-to-school ad campaign is to promote a new normal type of school setting, so kids can learn while staying safe and keep their community healthy.

For more information on the state's back-to-school ad campaign, go here.

For more on the story itself, check out Western Mass News' website here.

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